Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tired of winter and tourists

So I did some belly-dancing in Marikesh Mondrago tonight.  Later I found myself on the roof of my house with Kaylee, wearing gasmasks filled with genuine New Babbage sooty air.

*inhales deeply*


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steam Santa and Boiler Elf Ball

While in New Babbage, do as New Babbagers do.

At Christmastime, Steam Santa and his Boiler Elf arrive in a magnificent steam sleigh.  Babbagers take turns sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what they'd like for Christmas.

My favorite wish came from Gabrielle Riel, who asked for a lower ratio of batshit-crazy-ass-people and lag to the regular crazy people of New Babbage.  The Boiler Elf made a special note of that.  Steam Santa agreed that it might be a good idea to make sure everyone gets their meds.  We can all look forward to some chewable form of Valium in the coming year.

When it was my turn to sit on Santa's lap, the conversation was just a bit different.  He never asked me what I wanted.  It might have had something to do with the fact that I admitted not being good during the year, and staring back at the Boiler Elf when he attempted to give me The Stare.  He might be losing his creepy stare mojo...just sayin'.

But I did get a candy cane.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beyond New Babbage: Heaven4D Ultra Dome

Tonight I took Emerson to what my friend Kenna dubbed "the trippiest place in SL."  It's like a rave club on MDMA; a totally immersive experience of music and lights and colors.  You can't see a ceiling or floor or walls - only the imagery of which you're a part.  It's what a RL rave aspires to.  IMHO, this is the kind of innovative  use of SL that makes it such an powerful (and important) 3D platform.

All that's missing are glowsticks.

I took a lot of snapshots.  This one is my favorite.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What's a girl to do?

...when she has time on her hands and friends who need help?   She crashes wedding receptions, tests ziplines, and builds snowmen.  That's what.

Victor was DJ'ing a wedding reception in Steelhead Nevermore, and the happy couple extended an open invitation to whomever he wanted to invite.  He posted to the group chat, so a few of us went over.  Nat Lorefield, however, decided that since the air in Steelhead is too clean for Babbagers, he needed to wear a gasmask.  It took me awhile, but I finally got one.  (Ironically, Nat then left the reception, which left me alone dancing in a gasmask. It was fun though.)

Oh, and I didn't want to mess up my hair.

Sometime later, Gadget (a local urchin) posted to group chat asking if anyone wanted to help him test out the highest zipline in New Babbage.  Caesar Osterham, Leia Berithos and I went over and subjected it to rigorous, and repeated, experiments.  GREAT FUN.  I'll be going over there to zip again sometime, even though it's supposed to only be for urchins.  Riiiiight.  As if urchins are the only ones who get to have fun.

Gadget joked that he'd built the zipline as training for being launched by he cowtapult.  :-)

Finally, I had an inspiration for a snowman, so I built him.  I'm not entering him in the snowman contest because he's too many prims, and he isn't very good, so I put him in my front yard.  I think he's rather endearing.

His Majesty, Snow-Emperor Ezra Crumb:

Finally, a friend of mine sent me this link tonight.  He was completely unaware that there is a running joke in New Babbage about "death polka" (thank you, Jonathon Spires, for inspiring the craze), but it is SO perfect.  I think that whoever made the video just synched up the music with these guys dancing to something completely different.  It's priceless.

German Industrial Dance with Dutch Polka

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday Adventures

First, a poetry slam at the Java Jive in Seraph City:

Next, Radio Riel Theater at the Clarendon Observatory:

Next, cow-, flaming object- and friend-launching outside the city wall.

Before logging off, I decided that I'd not spent nearly enough time wandering around in the new North Fells sim.  I found that my viewer was working pretty well with my draw distance turned up, and it was only then that I could fully appreciate the wonder of our newest addition.

Walking North on the tracks out of the city.  Nat Lorefield's windmill is on the right.

The winter sun falling on the horizon.

Walking back into the city, toward the Palisade gate.  The airmast is to the left.
Great Builder, I love this city.